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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide safety, shelter, education and transitional support for those who have been affected by domestic and sexual violence and to empower all to create a safer community.

Our Vision

A community free from domestic and sexual violence, where healthy relationships thrive.

Our History

True North began as the “The Shelter” in the 1970’s when a group of University of Missouri graduate students formed a volunteer organization to serve rape survivors. As soon as the organization became known, the volunteers were overwhelmed with requests for service by women who were experiencing intimate partner violence.

True North is now a comprehensive domestic and sexual violence victim service program. The services provided are designed to empower those who have been battered or abused by an intimate partner, enabling them to begin the healing process and work towards regaining control of their lives again.


The goal of True North is to provide victims with safe housing, advocacy and support. This may include the systematic arrest, prosecution and sentencing of abusers, effective civil protection via Ex Parte Order of Protection, counseling and education groups, systems coordination and cooperation via written protocols within and among community agencies, and participation by and accountability to the victim advocacy groups.