Hotline: 573.875.1370 or 800.548.2480


Outreach – 573-875-0503

We provide community outreach education to civic groups, churches, businesses, and service providers and through collaboration with media outlets. Information is power and powerful. Knowing the signs of domestic violence and safe intervention techniques may save a life.

Part of the answer to creating a safe community is preventative education in high school and college settings – teen outreach with role-playing techniques – peer pressure strategies – safety tips for teens and college students.┬áReaching our youth to redirect unhealthy relationship behaviors reduces the potential for the behaviors to carry over into adulthood.

Domestic Violence Enforcement Unit (DOVE), are highly trained staff who work directly with victims of domestic violence, initiating the contact within hours of the incident being reported to law enforcement. True North DOVE advocates have offices at True North, the Columbia Police Department and the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. It is a unique team approach – law enforcement, prosecuting attorney’s office, probation and parole and True North work together – meeting monthly to ensure that every victim of domestic or sexual violence receives the opportunity for services and that their rights are protected under the laws of the State of Missouri.


Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) and University Sexual Assault Response Team (USART) are collaborative initiatives to provide a collective response to victims of sexual assault.

Transitional Living
We are able to provide several months of financial assistance and case management for qualifying victims of domestic or sexual violence who have chosen to leave their abuser and start a new life. The financial assistance helps the victim establish a solid foundation. Case management provides the on-going tools to successful independent living free from the abuse (how to create and maintain a budget, how to access service agencies within the community, etc.).


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